Adventure Camping Trips

Full Service, Customized Luxury Camping Trips

For an extremely comfortable and all-services provided outdoor experience; try one of our Luxury Camping Trips. These camping outings allow you to take in the great outdoors and enjoy nature while relaxing in unexpected comfort and style. Image yourself lounging at a campsite tucked in an aspen grove and with the sounds of the adjacent cascading creek and songbirds serenading you, deer grazing lazily nearby, with views of steep canyon walls and the crest of the Sierra Nevada as your backdrop. As evening approaches, an incredible star show develops over the crystal-clear Sierra night sky.

These trips are designed from years of experience providing backcountry wilderness camping trips, and from there have taken on a whole new concept in outdoor camping. By camping standards, these trips are very luxurious camping trips, fully outfitted and all services provided; all you need to bring are clothes and personal gear. The campsites are typically rustic, yet well maintained and chosen for their incredible location, a combination of being both beautiful and private. The campground itself is smaller and less populated than any other location in the area; the individual campsites are relatively secluded yet easily accessed. Your site is carefully selected for your group size and needs, complete with picnic tables, rock fireplaces, food lockers, and level tent sites in a very picturesque setting. This is truly “roughing it comfortably” in the Sierra Nevada, and is as close to camping in the wilderness as one can get without backpacking.

These luxury camping trips are all-inclusive and come with first-class camping equipment, including relaxing camp chairs and couches, tables and hammocks, and many other accessories to cover almost any need or desire. Sleeping accommodations are both large room-sized tents with a queen-sized air mattress and imported cotton flannel sheets for the parents or couples, spacious personal tents for kids or individuals those desiring a little more privacy, all complete with pillows, quilts and warm blankets that create a very comfortable outdoor bedroom. You’ll also be treated to delicious gourmet meals prepared with the finest meats, poultry, and fresh fish available. The best of California’s fruits and vegetables, plus fresh baked breads and delicious desserts complete the menu, providing almost as many choices that you’d find on a restaurant menu. Special dietary needs or individual preferences can be easily accommodated, as well, all you need to do is sit back & enjoy!

Our Luxury Camping Trips are available in two options, each designed for a unique and personal experience. The “Camp & Hike” outings commonly take place at campsite adjacent to the eastern boundary of Yosemite, near the Tioga Pass or eastern entrance to Yosemite and close the historic town of Lee Vining. This location is perfect for taking advantage of the incredible and varied hiking opportunities and unparalleled scenery of the High Sierra. The “Camp & Tour” option can be arranged for both the Eastern Sierra region or in close proximity to Yosemite Valley and the western region of Yosemite National Park. This option allows for easy access to the popular scenic wonders for which Yosemite is most famous, like Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point, and the Giant Sequoias, with access for day trips in the Tuolumne Meadows and Tioga Pass, as well. Both outings can be adjusted to meet your particular needs; these trips provide a very personal and intimate experience, and from years of planning and preparation we have become very skilled with arranging them around your schedule and other vacation plans.

Couples, individuals, families or small groups


3 days/2 nights.

$2190 for one or two people ($1095 each). Each additonal person = $1000/person.

Includes all necessary gear, food, campsite fees, permits and entrance fees, and Yosemite Valley or Glacier Point+Mariposa guided tours with various hikes and/or walks.

Large family & group discounts available. Multiple days/night camping trips available.


Dates: Available upon request.

Contact us for more information.

Camp & Hike Option

Originally designed as an alternative to a backpacking trip, this option is intended for those who are fairly active and like “get out & about.” This outing is designed for those who like to hike but prefer to not carrying a heavy backpack or may have physical or health restrictions that prevent backpacking. Even though this type of trip option offers a more relaxing option to an extended backpack trip, it still allows for access to some of the most incredibly beautiful & amazing destinations in the alpine environment of Yosemite and adjacent Sierra Nevada backcountry. And after a day of exploring the wilderness, lakes and meadows, and more remote hiking trails of the High Sierra, all you have to do is sit back, relax, rejuvenate, and recharge in comfort and style - and leave all the camp work and meal preparations to us.

Camp & Tour Option

These camping based trips are designed to incorporate sightseeing tours and provide a full exploration of Yosemite National Park. With all of our trips, it can be adjusted to your specific needs and desires, and can also include various hikes in the daily itinerary. For example, combine any day of sightseeing with a brief hike or two, or choose the option of a sightseeing tour with some shorter hikes & walks. Another idea is to do a sightseeing tour one day followed by a day (or two) of hiking adventures, with many hiking options in the Yosemite Valley/Glacier Point area (if the Tioga Road is cleared of snow in mid to late June), the high elevation of Yosemite is another option. The Camp & Tour option is an outstanding way to see the greatest number of Yosemite’s magnificent sights. It provides for a greater appreciation of Yosemite’s unique and special natural aspects, plus a more complete understanding and awareness of the unique and special environments within the Sierra Nevada wilderness.

These trip options can be arranged to accommodate almost any itinerary and schedule. Once you arrive at our campsite, transportation is provided to all of our daily destinations. You have the benefit of getting the best of Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada without the burden of driving and navigating your way around the Park. Both options also have hot showers available at a nearby town, campground, or RV facility.