Alpine Wilderness Backpacking Trip

An adventure into the spectacular alpine wilderness of northern Yosemite, this backpack trip provides you with an incredible variety of environments that encompass the best of the Sierra Nevada. The route follows the trail of native tribes and early explorers who wandered into the far reaches of the Sierra Nevada, and presently provides relatively easy access into some of the most remote and magnificent backcountry of Yosemite. This is a backpack trip for everyone, whether you are experienced and just attempting your first backpack trip, all ages and abilities will enjoy this outing.

The route begins by climbing gradually along aspen and wildflower lined streams, leading beautiful sub-alpine lakes situated below towering peaks and waterfalls. With a relatively easy two hour hike the first lake is reached, and each additional mile leads to one glacial carved lake after another. Following crystal clear mountain streams and lush green meadows, your hiking efforts are rewarded with amazing scenery. The destination is a stunning alpine meadow set beneath a cirque of cathedral-like peaks that mark the apex of the Sierra Nevada.

Our last day on the trip and return home is as spectacular as the previous ones, our path crosses over the crest of the Sierra, descending into a wide, craggy peaked canyon leading back to the first lake we visited, and finally the trailhead where we started our journey. As with many of our backpack trips, this option is chosen so families and couples can complete the adventure, with no prior backpacking or technical hiking experience needed.

This backpack adventure is arranged as a 5-day/4-night trip, including a layover day, and can be customized for a 4-day/3-night outing.


Includes: expert guides, transportation, all camping equipment (stoves, cookware, water filters, group first aid kit, permits, maps, emergency transceivers, etc.), and the finest quality backpacking gear (backpacks, sleeping bags, ground pads, backpack chairs, hiking poles, and tents).

Couples, individuals, families or small groups


4-day/3-night trip*


5-day/4-night trip


*(a 3-day, 2-night option for a shortened itinerary can also be arranged upon request)


Available upon request, we plan based on your availability. Family & group discounts available.

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