Yosemite Backpacking Trips

Expertly designed backpack trips planned to fit your interests and abilities, each trip is exclusively designed for you and your family or group. YGS doesn’t add or mix random people to make large group outings. Our trips are very unique with each outing personalized specifically for you.  YGS believes you should experience the wilderness in the genuine, natural, and intimate setting it is, not a party-type atmosphere or mixed with people of differing attitudes or abilities. YGS places quality over quantity, and maximizing our profit margin is not our main goal, we intend to provide a true wilderness experience, the way it should be. From backpacking explorations to remote alpine wilderness locations or basecamp oriented outings, our expert guides will lead you on a very rewarding and memorable trip.

Spirit of Yosemite trip

Spirit of Yosemite Backpack Trip

Covering the best of Yosemite’s remote backcountry, this backpack trip is a journey into the heart of Yosemite’s iconic wilderness region. With something for everyone on this moderately challenging adventure, this trip includes pleasant trail hiking and very manageable cross country trekking. This adventure explores a diversity of habitats as we traverse the unique environments of the High Sierra, and also includes the option to climb one of Yosemite’s iconic peaks with incredible 360 degree views. This trip begins in the high elevations of Tuolumne Meadows and concludes in Yosemite Valley, complete with a summit of Half Dome or the top of Cloud’s Rest. 

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Ansel Adams wilderness photo Sierra Nevada California

Ansel Adams Backpack Trip

Explore the headwaters of the Ansel Adams wilderness for an unforgettable backpack trip into one of the most spectacular areas in the entire Sierra Nevada. This adventure treks into the dramatic wilderness sharing the steep eastern boundary of Yosemite. Venturing into the remote wilderness of the Sierra Nevada, breathtaking scenery appears at every vantage point on this trip. 

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Hiking the cables at Yosemite Half Dome

Half Dome Backpack Trip

Experience an unforgettable hiking adventure on our Half Dome backpacking trip.  Half Dome, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Yosemite Valley, sits magnificantly at 8,842 feet tall.  The hike to the summit at Half Dome is full of beautiful sights along the way, with magnificant viewpoints. 

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Yosemite alpine hiking areas

Alpine Backpack Trip

This unique backpack trip follows an historic route that was once used by native tribes and early explorers who journeyed into the remote wilderness of Yosemite National Park. Featuring the more secluded and spectacular alpine environment of Yosemite, the route follows both historic paths and well maintained trails. The scenery is absolutely stunning; your adventure includes a seldom visited lake basin, rimmed in a cathedral of 12,000’ peaks set below a beautiful meadow. Hiking along aspen lined streams, through wildflower filled meadows and beside spectacular alpine lakes, this adventure is enjoyable and rewarding for both experienced and beginning backpackers. 

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Backpacking trip in Yosemite

Custom Backpack Trip

We specialize in the unique high alpine country and spectacular wilderness areas of Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada. Yosemite Guide Service was founded on the basis of providing exclusive and rewarding backpacking and hiking adventures, utilizing experience over decades exploring Yosemite and the National Parks and wilderness areas in the Sierra Nevada. Our unequalled knowledge and experience provides for very distinctive and inspiring adventures, arranged for all skills and abilities to provide a very personal and private experience.

Simply stated, no other guide service has the experience and expertise leading backpack trips in the Sierra Nevada – over 40 years of experience! We offer these special, customized trips for both families or couples, and larger groups and families.

Contact us with your dates, dreams, and desires and we’ll create an unforgettable experience you will cherish and remember for a lifetime!

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