Sightseeing Tours

Our naturalist-led sightseeing excursions, with optional short hikes, are designed to provide a very unique and highly personal experience. Each tour is expertly guided by professionally trained and highly skilled naturalists. As with all of our outings, each trip is exclusive, arranged and serviced only for the intended guests. We do not add other people to your trip to create large groups or mix other individuals into your outing. We prefer to keep our trips within the confines of the individuals, families, or groups of friends reserving a trip. This is the intent and mission of Yosemite Guide Service: to make each trip private and personal, providing a unique and distinctive outing that enhances your experience and maximizes your time in Yosemite.

Sightseeing tours can be reserved with or without a hike included, and even two or more short hikes if preferred. The hikes combined with a sightseeing tour are commonly shorter in length than a typical day hike and are chosen based upon your ability and preference. Our sightseeing tours are really quite distinctive, designed from years of experience living, working, and exploring Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada. We are very skilled at knowing where to go and how to best get there; wasting les time driving, accessing the best viewpoints and vistas, and efficiently navigating through the tourist crowds. Even with the most popular and frequently visited scenic places, we know special side trails and paths, the slight nuances that make the tours special and unique.

Couples, individuals, families or small groups

Sightseeing Tour Rates:

$575 for 1-2 guests

$660 for 3 guests

$745 for 4 guests

$835 for 5 guests

$945 for 6 guests

Please call us for group sizes of more than 6 people... we can accomodate families and large groups, too!

Sightseeing Tour Details

LOCATIONS: Sightseeing tours, with or without hiking options, are usually operated from the town of Groveland on the northwest border, or within Yosemite National Park from the Big Oak Flat Entrance, Crane Flat Junction, or within Yosemite Valley. Other locations may also be available upon request (please call).

Tour destinations: Divided into two different options, described as follow:

The Yosemite Valley Tour Includes all the most famous landmarks and views of Yosemite Valley, plus Glacier Point.

Glacier Point Tour: The Glacier Point area includes breathtaking vistas of Half Dome, the peaks and valleys of the far off Yosemite wilderness, and of course Yosemite Valley precipitously below the rim of Glacier Point.

An option to the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias is also available, but may include a slight additional cost.