Tahoe Guide Service

Yosemite Guide Service is excited to introduce our sister company, Tahoe Guide Service.  Created in the same enthusiasm and expertise of Yosemite Guide Service private tours, Tahoe Guide Service offers extensive experience and the know-how to custom tailor exciting adventures in the most beautiful, pristine areas of Lake Tahoe.  You will embark on an adventure you are sure to remember!

If you are planning trips to both Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe, we can also offer you an exclusive, custom-tailored private trip inclusive of both locations!  We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule and get you setup with sightseeing, hiking, backpacking - or even snowshoeing or other winter adventures if you're traveling during snow season, to make your trip to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe one of a kind and amazing!

Lake Tahoe Hiking Tours

Known for its true blue, clear, beautiful waters, Lake Tahoe is a peaceful lake setting surrounded by a gorgeous natural forest.  At Tahoe Guide Service, just like you will find at Yosemite Guide Service, our focus is on the natural ecosystem of the region and on adventure! Your trip will be inspirational - from the viewing of vistas and lush surrounding nature, and learning about the history and flora and fauna in the area.


Lake Tahoe Sightseeing Tours

Our guides will take you to beautiful scenic vistas and remarkable forest and lake regions.


Tahoe Guided Day Hikes

Our expert guides will lead you on a hiking adventure in our Lake Tahoe area guided day hikes.

snowshoeing in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Snowshoeing

Showshoeing adventures in the valley and along the Tahoe Rim are available.

backpacking Tahoe

Tahoe Backpacking Trips

Discover Lake Tahoe up and close in your private Tahoe Backpacking Trip.


Kid Ventures TGS Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe "Kid-Ventures"

Bring your kids to their very own half-day adventure with our guides while you book yourself your own private trip!  Kid-Ventures are private, fun outings for kids ages 5 and up to enjoy!  Trips include a short nature walk and beach fun!

What's Next?

Ready to start your adventure?  Contact us to setup your custom trip today!

Call (530) 523-3998 to schedule a trip with Yosemite Guide Service (Yosemite area trips alone, with lodging, or with a Tahoe Guide Service trip).

You may also contact Tahoe Guide Service directly at (209) 459-1769.

Visit Tahoe Guide Service for more information, to book a trip.